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Independent Test Certificate Awarded

Posted on 9 April 2015

ecorend has developed four render systems for application directly onto masonry. These require testing under simulated weathering in accordance with MOAT 22:1998 UEAtc Directives in order to assess their ability to retain their integrity over an expected 25 years design life of the product.

A masonry wall was constructed in a 3.2 m long x 2.6 m high rigid steel frame incorporating Porotherm blockwork and Dense Aggregate blockwork. After fitting a window opening into each substrate a concrete sill was installed into each opening. The two renders, applied onto both the substrates, were subjected to hydrothermal performance in accordance with Clause 3.3.2 of MOAT 22. One full size wall 2.6 m tall x 3.2 m long was tested.

All render system surpassed all standard that are in place.

143671 (QT-32086/1/JB)/Ref. 1/Supp1

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