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Through Coloured Base Coats Render

Our through coloured renders are all high performance cement based and one-coat. Pre-mixed, ready to use with the addition of clean water the only requirement. Highly polymer modified increasing their adhesion strength and adding a highly water repellent quality, shedding water from the surface of the system while allowing vapour to pass through the render. All products have been designed to have excellent workability and open time properties.

The through colour and one-coat feature allows faster application with reduced program periods, thereby reducing associated scaffolding and site costs. One-coat 1 product for the job, if required all products can also be used as a finish coat in conjunction with an ecorend base coat render.

MR1 – Monocouche Render

MR2 – Monocouche Render

DR1 – Dash Receiver Render

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We have designed our colour range to make deciding on the perfect colour and finish easier, and will allow you to design a building freely and creatively in a sympathetic approach to its surroundings.

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