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Great Project Completed by Boulton Plastering with MR1

- 23 August 2019 -

Semi-detached property completed in Ecorend MR1 Monocouche Render

These semi-detached properties are another recently completed project by Boulton Plastering. The application of Ecorend MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render System was directly onto blockwork and the Butter Cream colour chosen by the clients have given the properties a fresh new look.

MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render System is water vapour permeable allowing the building to breathe naturally while being fully weather resistant. The system is through-coloured for low maintenance and provides a great looking stone effect finish.

Application is one coat, two pass and can be applied by either hand or spray.

It’s the render that contractors love to use.

Semi-detached property in Butter Cream MR1 Render

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We really enjoy using Ecorend as it is great to work with and very easy to apply.

Phil Boulton, Boulton Plastering