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Pool Conversion Goes Swimmingly with SR15

- 29 August 2018 -

Swimming Pool in SR15 Marble White

Shaun Thacker Plastering carried out the conversion of a domestic swimming pool using Ecorend SR15 Thin Coat render system to achieve a natural, water resistant finish. The renderer, Mark Snarb, has 30 years of rendering experience under his belt, and this conversion adds another successful project to his resume.

Due to the nature of the project the client needed a render that was aesthetically pleasing and water resistant, which made the silicone based SR15 system in Marble White the ideal match, with its highly water-resistant and breathable properties. The natural finish of SR15 Silicone Thin Coat Render combined with the silicone water resistant technology proved the perfect match for this conversion, and the ease of application left Mark a happy renderer!

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Great product! Really easy to use, from the base coat to the top coat, fantastic product.