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Never Make a Miss with our G10 Multi-Surface Primer

- 14 August 2019 -

See exactly where you’ve been with our pink G10 Primer for all types of surfaces

About G10 Multi-Surface Primer

It’s easy to miss a spot when priming, which is why we have developed a brand new coloured primer. Our new G10 Multi-Surface Primer will allow you to see exactly where you’ve been to ensure complete coverage of the entire substrate.

Whether the substrate is old or new, brick or block, low or high porosity, the G10 Multi-Surface Primer does it all.  Engineered with fine particle sized polymers, G10 Primer penetrates deeps into the substrate to ensure ultra-high adhesion to multiple surfaces. It also has a sandy texture, which provides a good key for the subsequent topcoats.

G10 Multi-Surface Primer can be applied using a long pile roller or by spray, and is supplied ready-to-use for ease and speed of application.

G10 Multi-Surface Primer in Practice

G10 Multi-Surface Primer
G10 Multi-Surface Primer
MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render in Moonstone
MR1 Monocouche Render

The property to the left was primed using our G10 Multi-Surface Primer, and finished using our MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render in Moonstone.

Paul Connolly of Mr Plaster got a sneak preview of our new primer, collaborating with Rendit to trial the product, and even managed to complete the project in one day without an accelerator.

For more information on the G10 Multi-Surface Primer visit our Primers, Base Coats & Ancillaries page.

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