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Through Coloured and Thin Coat Render Systems

There are two main types of render system on the market today – through coloured and thin coat. Depending on your needs, one might be more suitable than the other. Below and on subsequent pages, we’ll help you choose the best system for your particular job.

What is a Through Coloured Render?

Ecorend through coloured renders are traditional cement based renders which have been polymer modified in order to enhance water repellence, breathability and adhesion. The pigment is preblended into the product so once mixed with water, and applied to the wall, the 15mm thickness of the render is coloured throughout the body of the material, thus reducing the need for subsequent painting.

SR15 Silicone Thin Coat Render Packaging

What is a Thin Coat Render?

Ecorend thin coat render systems are built up from a number of different layers of primers and basecoat, and finished with a thin, 1.5mm coat of render. This gives the system the added advantage of being extremely flexible and therefore anti crack, when compared to standard cement renders.

Through Coloured vs Thin Coat

Comparison table

Waterproofing Waterproof icon

Breathability breathable icon

Flexibility Flexible icon

Time to apply Time Icon

Through Coloured (MR1)

Time to apply

Silicone Thin Coat (SR15)

Time to apply

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