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MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render System

Ecorend MR1 is our monocouche, scratch render system. Designed to offer the user the very best workability, this one-coat, 2 pass system will also offer the client a through coloured render that will stand the test of time.

The products required for the system are shown below; we also offer a range of ancillary products, to find out more about these click here.

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The product’s through-colour and one-coat characteristics allow fast application with a low maintenance, attractive-looking finish. Ideal for new build onto concrete block.

Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer

S10 Bonding Primer

Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer is a silicone resin based primer, specifically designed for use on masonry substrates. The fine particle size polymers within the product ensure deep penetration into the substrate, creating ultra high adhesion, whilst the silicone resin ensures that the primer matches the breathability of its subsequent topcoats.

Pack Size: 5L/25L Coverage: Approx. 5m² per litre


Highly Vapour Permeable Icon

Highly Vapour Permeable

High Adhesion Icon

High Adhesion

Suitable for spray, roller or brush application

Roller, Brush or Spray Application

Ready to Use Icon

Ready to Use

MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render

Ecorend MR1 Monocouche One Coat Render is a high performance, cement based, through coloured scratch render. Developed to have excellent water repellence, breathability and adhesion, it is also easy to apply, by hand or by spray, in one coat. The product's through colour characteristics ensure a low maintenance, attractive, stone looking finish.

Pack Size: 25kg Coverage: Approx. 1.6kg per mm / per m²


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Water Repellent Icon

Water Repellent

Breathable Icon


High Adhesion Icon

High Adhesion

Through Coloured for Low Maintenance

Ecorend Mesh

Fibre Reinforcement Mesh

Used to give additional strength to thin coat renders and wherever two materials with different expansion coefficients meet.

To view our beads and other ancillary products, click the link below.

Pack Size: 50m x 1m Coverage: 50m²


Ecorend QS1 Quick Set - Product Visual

Ecorend QS1 Quick Set Monocouche Accelerator

Ecorend QS1 Quick Set is a liquid accelerator solution for Monocouche through-coloured render systems to speed up the time to scrape during colder application periods.
It directly replaces a proportion of the product gauging water and, if added at the correct dose, it will achieve a 20°C scrape time when working at 5°C. The accelerator is colourless and has no effect on the appearance of the finished product.

Pack Size: 20 litre Coverage: Refer to Technical Data Sheet for Dosage Instructions



Fast Acting

Easy to MIx

Use in the Cold

Ready to Use Icon

Ready to Use

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